Permanent collections

The permanent collections lead the visitors from the Merovingian era to the « Belle-époque »(the years before the world wars). These collections pertain to archaeology, ethnology, arts and crafts.

A remarkable collection of artefacts (jewellery, glasses, arms…) from two regional Merovingian cemeteries and a Carolingian dump will plunge you into a medieval universe.

Upstairs, the master of Waha, one of the most savoury representatives of late Gothic sculpture, is particularly honoured. After having discovered the history of the monument’s site that so attracted the pilgrims seeking incredible miracles, you’ll be struck by the good fortune and miseries that struck the 17th century’s populations.

Let yourself be touched by the beauty of a fortified city (model) and by the horror of bodies cut down by the plague.

To end the visit a space is dedicated to a renowned carpenter named Chignesse and to the local lace making.

Spreading over three levels, the visiting circuit allows the discovery of the ancient decors of the various rooms of the house.

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