To live local history by the discovery of objects that were used and jewellery worn by the remote inhabitants of our region.  Approach the magic world of Gothic sculptures by the Master of Waha and its subtle emotions. Follow in the footsteps of the 17th century pilgrims during their progression towards the site of the Monument and feel this sanctuary of mysterious virtues vibrate Wander through the history of the town of Marche by learning of its fires, its epidemics , the visit of prestigious characters… The « Musée de la Famenne » offers teachers a superb addition to school theory.

Guided visits

Each guided visit is preceded by a contact with the teacher in order to target the request and answer the objectives in the best way. It’s possible to have a visit in French, Dutch or English. If you require further information to prepare a school visit, don’t hesitate to make contact with Alice VANDERSMISSEN.

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